If you’re the biggest fan of the  “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” then this book is perfect for you!

The TMNT action figure encyclopedia is an extensive book that has never made in history. The book pledges to give an inclusive overview of toys since 1988. It contains over 3,500 action figures, statues, weapons, accessories, and vehicles.

According to Jay Lawrence, it is a hard work of three years in compiling the editing, research, and photography. The final result will be more extensive, containing over 5,000 of different vehicles, accessories, figures, packaging, advertisement, and weapons with details of each item.

Lawrence tells in an interview to the verge, that he was photographing his own limited collection but later he happened to find the Virtual Ninja Turtle Museum, an online franchise dedicated for toys only and to his surprise, the owner was excited to back him on his project.

Moreover, he got further support from the fan-based TMNT communities that helped in compiling all the necessary information.

“This book will bring back many memories of all of those long lost figures of the past,” he says.

So, back this project on Kickstarter now and enjoy rejoicing the nostalgic memories and get along with your young friends even more easily.

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