Now you can have a smart salt shaker that you can control with your smartphone or an Amazon Echo.

The all new gadget is called the Smalt, the smart salt shaker can also play music through a Bluetooth speaker, offers multi-colored mood lighting, and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, can dispense salt in any amount you choose via a connected app.

The new venture is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, and so far backed by 51 sponsors. The Smalt usually costs $199, but is currently available for an early-bird price of $99.

You can use the smalt app to dispense the salt by shaking or pinching your phone. The shaker dumps into a removable tray at the base of the device. The shaker depends on rechargeable batteries that last for up to four hours. It can be used with or without a smartphone, though advanced functions like the shake, pinch, and pour options; mood lighting, and salt tracking are only available through the app. It has an LCD screen on the top of the shaker which you turn a dial to access features.

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