Looking for a job online is not an easy task. The search for it may not bring up many irrelevant posts, which definitely is annoying. But Google has made it easier for you to search a job online.

Google has just added new job search feature to its main search. The search engine will give the results by eliminating duplicated job posting on various sites. The feature will let the users search for a job of their own choice across major job sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Career Builder, Monster, Glassdoor and many more. It will even provide the user with the list of job openings directly from the company’s official page.

The new feature is available in English for both desktop and mobile users. You just have to type in any sentence like “job openings in sales” and the search results will show you a variety of jobs.

You can filter your job search by industry, location, and many more. You can also turn on notifications to get an alert if a new job, relevant to your field, is posted.

Once you find a job of your choice, Google will direct you to the company’s official page where you can further fill up their application process.

Google has made it clear that it has no plans for competing with other major job sites, and doesn’t want employers to post job ads directly on Google job search engine.

Nick Zakrasek, Google’s product manager for this project told Tech Crunch,  “We want to do what we do best: search. We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful.” Anything beyond that is not in Google’s wheelhouse”








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