The distance from the bus stop to home/destination is pretty lengthy and tiresome for all the commuters. So for that cause, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has decided to introduce a shuttle service to close the one-mile distance by teaming up with Via.

Via is a ridesharing service that gives you ride with other people and ‘uses algorithms to find which vehicle makes the most sense given the person’s destination,’ according to Engadget.

Via is currently being used in Chicago, New York City, Washington DC and soon to be started in London.

And hence Via will start operating in Los Angeles from next Summers. The riders will be able to book a ride to and from the three major Metro stations. People will pay the fare by using their LA’s public transport fare card and the fares will be subsidized.

“We’re making our systems more inclusive — because access to public transportation is a right, not a privilege,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement. “Everyone should be able to make a trip on Metro buses and trains, and these funds will help more riders get where they’re going quickly and conveniently.”

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