37-year old madly-loved cricketer of Pakistan just made new fans on the other side of the border by doing this friendly gesture.

Shahid Khan Afridi; the former Pakistani captain needs no introduction, Boom Boom Afridi has always made to the headlines one way or another.

From winning hearts of his countrymen with his exceptional performance on the ground to collecting praise from the other side of the border for speaking in favour of the country’s audience, Afridi is undoubtedly globally loved and appreciated.

A video from Cricket on Ice event in Switzerland is going viral for all the right reasons:

In the video, Shahid Afridi can be seen posing for pictures with his fans waiting outside for him. Cricket lovers from different countries can be seen requesting a picture with the cricketer, even fans from the common cricket-rival, India were super-excited to see Boom Boom.

I also wanted them to have a better picture”- Shahid Afridi

The super-adorable gesture we are talking about is when Shahid Afridi asked Indian fans to straighten their flag so that a better picture can be posed with their flag.

His gesture was appreciated in India and Pakistan, as such nice gesture coming from celebrities will somehow lessen the rivalry between the two countries.

We should respect the flags of other nations and that’s why I asked them to hold their flag in a proper way,” said Shahid Afridi when asked about his motive by reporters in Karachi.

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