Smartwatches have made our lives easier by killing the need for a smartphone. Nowadays, smartwatches have the capability to do almost all things that can be operated by a cell phone, some even including wireless data connectivity. But there is one thing makers haven’t thought of improving – battery life and charging.

Though its name relates to the moon, the LunaR is the first solar-powered smartwatch. There is an option to charge its 110 mAh battery using a cable, but the watch’s standout feature is its transparent solar panel, which should keep your wearable running for as long as it has light exposure. And yes, it will work with both solar and indoor (artificial) lighting. In fact, the makers say the watch should remain working continually with as little as 1 hour of daily exposure.

Though it’s a simple smartwatch, it holds decency and elegance in its looks. However, it’s not all about its looks and battery life. Those factors won’t be appealing enough if the device won’t function properly, and the LunaR certainly has some smart features to offer. Capabilities include dual time zones, activity tracking, sunrise/sunset tracking, smartphone notifications, sleep monitoring, alarms and even a 5 ATM waterproof construction.

Yes, you are not able to perform fancy things like using digital assistants, responding to messages and all that stuff, but it has enough features to keep many of us happy.

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