In an unexpected move, One Plus launched a premium device that broke the speed charts with a premium price tag. US consumers were presented the OnePlus 7 Pro as the only option for a brand-new OnePlus phone, but other markets have also been treated with a cheaper alternative. The standard OnePlus 7 is something of an updated 6T — practically identical on the outside but with some significant enhancements on the inside — and at £499/€559, it also starts at the same price. Interestingly, the OnePlus 7 is even cheaper than the 6T in India where it starts at just 32,999 INR.

It is the fastest to the point that it beats iPhone X even though iPhone can be argued to have more superior features but in real-world the speed matters and that’s where ONE PLUS Pro takes the lead. That’s largely because Android has lesser animation than iPhone X. It was revealed that you can actually change the animation settings in Android phones like OnePlus Pro to make them faster.

Reducing the animations can be done through Android’s “Developer options,” which is a hidden option that requires a couple of easy steps.

To start, head to the Settings menu of your Android phone and tap “About Phone.”

Find “Build Number,” and tap it repeatedly. An alert will show up that says you’re “X” taps away from “becoming a developer.” Keep going until it say’s “You’re a developer.”

Then head back to the main Settings menu, and tap “System”


Find and tap the new “Developer options” toward the bottom.

In the developer options, scroll down to find the animation scale options.

Change the setting for animations.

ap “Window animation scale” and set it to “Animation scale .5x”Do the same for “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale.”


And that’s it! Your OnePlus 7 Pro should feel even faster than it did before.

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