Due to heavy pollution and harsh wind hair becomes dull these days. In order to keep the hair healthy, one needs to use hair masks at regular intervals. Hair masks are something which can nourish the hair from inside and bring back the lost glow and luster in it.

There are many natural hair masks available in the market these days. One can either use a hibiscus hair mask or any other natural hair masks that suit the hair type. In fact, one can also make some natural hair masks at home and apply it on hair to get strong and smooth hair in return.

Homemade Egg Hair Mask

To make this hair mask at home one needs ingredients like:

  • 1 egg/ for waist length hair, 2 eggs.
  • A cup of milk.
  • 1 squeeze of medium sized lemon.
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

One first needs to separate the egg white and the yolk depending on the type of hair one has. If one has dry hair then they need to use egg yolk and for normal hair, one can use the whole egg and for oily hair, one only needs to use the egg whites. First one needs to beat the egg and then whisk it a bit and then add some olive oil to mix it well. Then add a few drops of lemon which will actually give the scalp a bit of refreshing feeling.

Massage this mixture on the scalp from the roots till the tip of the hair and then keep it for at least 15 minutes. One must cover up the hair with a shower cap because this mask is very drippy. After 15 minutes, one can thoroughly rinse the mask with cold or lukewarm water. One should also use a mild shampoo while washing so that no egg smells remain there.

Homemade Banana Hair Mask

To make this at home, one needs to take ingredients like:

  • 1 or 2 overripe bananas.
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of honey.

Firstly one needs to blend the bananas and make sure that there are no chunks left. Then one can add honey and olive and coconut oil to the mixture and blend it really well. Apply the mixture on the hair and on the scalp well and then leave it for at least 10 minutes. After that one can rinse it away with warm water. One can also use a mild shampoo to wash off the hair and scalp well. Once the washing is done, one can take a comb and brush the hair thoroughly yet not with much pressure. Once it dries naturally the hair will not only be shiny but it will also feel soft and smooth.

One can also buy hibiscus powder for hair online and use them at a regular interval to make their hair look soft and strong. Keeping the hair under regular care is also important.

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