Maria Sharapova Australia open 2018

In a 3rd round match that was expected to be a thrilling one, the Australian Star Angelique Kerber defeated Maria Sharapova without any difficulty at all.

The victorious side didn’t let the viewers think of the match as any type of a contest as Kerber finished the match with a score of 6-1 and 6-3.

Australian Open is the same annual tournament where Maria had failed a drugs test two years ago and was faced with a fifteen-month ban. She also had to confront a minor shoulder injury in 2017.

Sharapova said she looked at Federer and Nadal as great examples.

“I definitely take great examples of a Federer or a Nadal or a Serena and Venus [Williams] that have continued to have the motivation that they do at this age, the commitment and the work they’re able to put in.”

“A lot of things I need to get better at and improve on. Looking at the overall picture — the beginning of this year — there’s a lot to build from.”

Meanwhile, Sharapova also admitted that her shoulder injury also played a vital role in her poor performance.

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