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The humble and yum long potatoes aka fries from McDonald’s could actually help in curing baldness. Yes, you heard it right!

According to a study by Japanese scientists, the chemical which the fast-food giant uses in its frying oil for fries can help in the mass production of hair follicles. A chemical named dimethylpolysiloxane which is found in silicon is added to the cooking oil McDonald’s uses to keep the oil from frothing or foaming, according to Business Insider.

Researchers at Yokohama National University experimented growing hair on mice through the use of human stem cells. The method generated fresh follicles which were capable of sprouting new hair and within days the lab rodents had furry backs and scalps.

Initial experiments suggested that this method might also work wonders with human scalps.


“The key for the mass production of HFGs (hair follicle germs) was a choice of substrate materials for culture vessel,” scientists said in the press release. “We used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane at the bottom of the culture vessel, and it worked very well.”

So lose junk or cure baldness, hmm?!

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