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Since the digital age began, #womensday is been trending on social media every 8th of March. Previously the talk of the newspaper is now the talk of brands. Call me an ignorant of whatsoever, more or less, women’s day is 10 times more about branding than empowering. Mic drops.

Anyway, women’s day 2018 bandwagon was once again a much-lit one. In a world where Careem is setting goals for women and Google is doodling all the tributes, MacDonald’s kicked the game by flipping their brand logo upside down. It turned the infamous “M” into a “W” – W for women, according to McDonalds.

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The iconic ‘M’ of McDonalds after turning into a “W” became a source of confusion for many belonging to Scrabble/Bananagrams community. However, twitter approved the idea for some legit tweeting fun.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the ‘million dollars’ idea.

Just when you realize its more about the “W”…


Happy meals and stuff, ya know…

And, alas!

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