In a country like Pakistan, we hardly witness women raising their voices toward the injustice. But today, as it is International Women’s Day, talking about Mashal Waqar, would be a note of hope in the dark alley of country’s men-dominating society.

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Mashal is the Co-Founder of ‘The Tempest’ which is a cyber platform to speak against the injustice being done towards women all over the world.’ Although there are many social platforms which claim to be working for feminism, ‘The Tempest’ has its own value and worth. It all started when founder Laila launched the blog in Washington DC. Now it has reached to so many countries, helping women to overcome the discrimination they face. By providing a voice to almost 1200 women overall, ‘The Tempest’ indeed is the World’s leading feminist blog.

The journey of Mashal Waqar towards reaching the point of success where she is now, is a very interesting one. After completing her education, when Mashal Waqar started to look for a job, she realized how unfair the professional platforms are to women. They get the deserving salary neither they are given fair chances to evaluate.  That’s when she joined ‘The Tempest’ as an editorial person and evaluated herself with the period of time. Today, Mashal is the co-founder of ‘The Tempest’ and help women raise their voice on the platform.

Personal Life

Mashal Waqar was initially raised in Saudi Arabia and has spent most of her life in UAE. She has done Bachelors in Computing Security with double minors in International Business, and Networking & Systems Administrations from RIT.

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