Mental Health has always been a complicated subject, especially when it comes to authentic findings and research.  According to the new research, men are more likely to be affected by various syndromes and side effects of mental illness.The new report says that first-episode psychosis, defined as the first manifestation of one or more severe mental disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar effective disorder, and depression, are occurring more in men as compared to women of the same age group. The research also specified that the first episode psychosis mostly occurs in men aged from 18-24.

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The study has been conducted in six countries namely England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Brazil.

One of the researchers Paulo Rossi Menezes, Professor at University of Sao Paulo Medical School (FM-USP) in Brazil said,

“The study confirmed that the incidence of first-episode psychosis varies considerably between major cities and rural areas. It also showed that environmental factors probably play a crucial role in the significant variation,”

Menezes further added,

“Until the end of the twentieth century, the etiology of psychotic disorders was believed to be mainly genetic, but the results of this study show that environmental factors are extremely important,”

The finding also shows that people (especially men) living in severe conditions of economic crisis and social issues tend to be more vulnerable to mental illness. This again proves that the environmental factors play a vital role in this regard.

Despite the fact that men are considered to be immune to sensitivity and emotions, focused programs of mental health care should be initiated to encounter the problems more deeply.


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