When you buy a car with a cheaper price tag, you get what you pay for — average performance, low-quality material, and an interior not appealing enough. We already know that the latest Mercedes A-Class sedan proves you can have a beautiful interior at an affordable price, but now the German automaker seems to be resisting the trend on interiors as well. Because pictures of the upcoming A-Class Sedan’s interior is just on par with a Mercedes that usually has a price tag twice as large.

If the production concept of the upcoming sedan, showcased earlier this year, is really what we will see and if it goes through small modification before production, the sub-$30,000 sedan is going going to be a beautiful and strong competitor for the BMW 2-Series and Audi A3. The A-Class seems to be inspired by the E-Class, from leather on every surface to the smallest amount of piano-black plastic and a striking one-piece tablet-style dash and infotainment centre.

Based on how well-received the AMG A43 hatchback was and the recognition it earned for its handling and performance, it holds the reason the upcoming A-Class will acquire at least some of that performance. Which means Mercedes seems to be creating one of the most well-rounded cars we’ve seen in years.

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