For an automotive titan like Mercedes, the off-road, rough road oriented, edge designed Mercedes Benz G class was a unique iconic possession which was widely appreciated by travellers, explorers and soldiers even back in the 1970s. Soon it became the ultimate symbol of luxurious travelling accessory.

The model remained in demand for years and proved to be the money maker for the company which gave it the status of being evergreen.

Now the Mercedes- Benz G Wagen is back with a makeover keeping the same golden goose look alive yet adding the advanced luxury and comfort.

source: google image

It exceptional off-road capabilities have been enhanced by reducing the weight 170 kg (375 lb) and fixing some of the minor issues in the old model like glare a reduction in noise and vibrations, the addition of an electromechanical steering system.

Despite the fact that the technical analysists are criticizing some of the drawbacks due to its flat screen, boxy shape and ejection of double amount of carbon dioxide comparing to the old model, the price almost remains the same which is around US$130,000.

Seems like the makeover proved to be a dilemma for Mercedes as they wanted the g-class domination of the image to remain the same!

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