Messi with his shattering passes and footballing techniques exits the World Cup 2018 when Argentina lost to France 3-4 in round of 16 match. Ronaldo with his determination and hard-work on the other hand lost to Uruguay 2-1 in round 16. Both footballers are the most compared duo in the sport’s world while we can only hope that the debate may have been silenced last night considering this could be the last World Cup for both icons of this generation.

Despite their different personalities, the two have always been contrasted with one another and are celebrated the most in the football world. In comparison there is nothing that can make a better case for the two players to say who played better since both the players on different occasions thrust their teams forward. Ronaldo began the tournament with a strong hat-trick against Spain in the group match while it was Messi’s goal against Nigeria that took the team forward.

If you look at this phenomenon then there will never be an end to this debate till the Barca- Real Madrid rivalry lives on. However, many of us are relieved that the debate has been completely eliminated for the remaining World Cup in Russia.


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