Earlier today, Microsoft launched its new Surface Laptop with a cut down price which is $799. The original Surface Laptop came with a crisp 12.5 inch display, comfy keyboard, soft Alcantara deck and extended battery life. Microsoft revealed their new model which is reportedly slower than the previous one.

New Surface Laptop has Intel’s Core m3 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. Microsoft, the tech giant, says that their target audience for Core m3 is more into notetaking, websurfing and sending emails. But we believe those things can be done on a Chromebook as well, that too at a far cheaper cost. And also, the limited RAM too is a total no-no because there are better systems out there with better memory.

But one thing inevitable is that, Surface Laptop has got that crisp and smooth running which is definitely missing in a Chromebook or it’s other contemporaries. As far as the low memory is considered we still think one must think before planning to get it as there is an availability of cheaper and better laptops such as Asus Zenbook.

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