Microsoft introduced the most versatile laptop: The Surface Pro


Microsoft released the two most versatile laptops this week: Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. The laptops are mainly designed for college students, lighter in weight and easier to carry.

The Surface Pro is an upgraded version of Surface Pro 4, it comes with many fascinating features and carries the tagline “The most versatile laptop in the world”. The two intriguing laptops are rocking the world but since this article is about Surface Pro so let’s just look at its new features a bit more closely.

The laptop comes in three different modes mainly: Laptop mode, Studio mode, and Tablet mode.

The Surface Pro can turn into a laptop by opening the built-in Kickstand.

And by lowering the kickstand, you can turn it into Studio mode. Perfect angle for writing and drawing with the new Surface Pro Stylus.
It can also turn into Tablet mode by closing the kickstand and removing its signature type cover.

It gives you total mobile productivity with an all-day battery life including a softer, ultra-portable design with rounded edges.

It has a battery life of up to 13.5 hrs, 50% longer than Surface Pro 4. Moreover, it has up to 16 GB RAM and has 2.5x more performance than Surface Pro 3.

It is faster than any other surface pro due to the powerful Intel® Core™ processor.
The new Surface Pro Stylus works perfectly on the dazzling screen with razor-sharp resolution 12.3″ pixel sense.

The new feature is the Whisper Quiet that has a fanless cooling system with improved hybrid cooling on i7 model so you can have peaceful time while streaming your favorite shows.

Surface Dial eases your work and its even fun to use. It also runs the full window experience, including 3D creation tools.

The Surface Pro comes with Windows 10 including the latest version of Microsoft Office.

It includes new 3D experiences, Windows Ink workspace, and comprehensive security features.

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