Microsoft Project Scarlett Xbox


There have been a lot of new innovations in the tech industry in the past week. As we all know the tech industry is growing at a massive rate and there are new things popping out every week Microsoft project Scarlett will arrive in the holiday of 2020 and it’s developers claim that it will be four times faster than the Xbox One X and will have other additional features like ray tracing, 8K resolution and a lightning fast SSD.

For streaming it is anticipated that the cloud will play a major part not just for Scarlett but for the whole xbox ecosystem. This is great news as this means that you’ll be able to stream games like Halo 5, guardian and hellblade. This also means that you can stream your games anywhere by simply storing them in the cloud.

Microsofts competitior SONY is also out of the scene which skipped this years show for the first time however Microsoft is facing new competition as gaming and technology companies move in with their internet based services but the prospect for the project Scarlett is still good.


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