The tech-giant is establishing a new healthcare department at its Cambridge research facility, as it has plans to use its artificial intelligence software to ­make a move into the health market.

The company has set up a new division is a part of its commitment to “transform healthcare” utilizing technologies such as machine learning and cloud computing.

The computer giant’s research plans include monitoring systems that can assist out of hospital patients and keep them attentive about problems in time, and comprehensive studies into diseases.

The company has hired researcher Iain Buchan, formerly clinical professor in public health informatics at the ­University of Manchester, to lead the healthcare research department. A trained doctor and data scientist, he has ­researched how data can enhance healthcare for the past 25 years in ­clinical and academic settings.

Mr Buchan said the team’s ­research could include creating predictive analytic tools, and personal health information systems, as well as using Artificial Intelligence to target interventions.


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