Microsoft is launching a new tentative version of Windows 10, build number 16215, and its expected that there would be some major changes made. If you’re a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring then it’s going to be available right away. For everyone else, all of the new features will be made available in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later this year.

The most important change is a new look for the notification center (Action Center), which has been refurbished with different sections for apps. It looks a lot better than before, that’s for sure, and group notifications would be in one place, in a more cogent manner from devices, apps, etc.


You can now pin your most beloved websites to the taskbar in this latest Windows 10 update. Naturally, once they’re pinned they’ll open in Microsoft’s Edge browser, but the pinned sites feature is returning after feedback from Windows 10 users. Microsoft is also making the animations for new tabs in Edge better, making things a bit quicker. Cortana will also go through a few changes, with the ability for the digital assistant to induce reminders by scanning images (with your approval) for stuff like events.


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Probably the most significant change Microsoft is focusing on has to be the Windows 10 stylus support. The handwriting panel has been revamped with more gestures, improved editing, emoji, and automatic handwriting discernment. As you write with a pen words are automatically converted to text, and words will move along so you can simply keep writing. You can also select text to edit it, and make corrections to converted text using ink gestures. The handwriting panel also has quick access to emoji and symbols. The handwriting panel will float by default now next to where you’re writing, and you can even use the stylus to scroll in apps and websites now. Microsoft has even added a “find my pen” option, that will show where you were with your device when you last used the pen.


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Other than that, Microsoft is finally making it easy to insert emojis into emails or social media messages. A new winkey + period / semicolon keyboard shortcut will activate a new emoji panel where you can pick the most suitable emoji for your messages. Microsoft is also adding a new touch keyboard for Windows 10 desktop and tablet users, with prediction, emoji suggestions, one-handed input, and shape writing with your fingers or a stylus.




There are also several small changes and fixes that would be made in the new update. They all will be greeted by regular Windows 10 users. Microsoft is opting for a September release for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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