Microsofts anti trust battle 20 years ago has been the front of many discussions and speculations at the governments attempt to curb the power of todays tech giants. The trial has important lessons for governments that try to regulate the authorities of the tech giants today. The trial was basically when the government accused Microsoft of maintaining its monopoly position in the PC market primarily through both legal and illegal methods. They alleged that Microsoft had illegally abused its monopoly power on intel based personal computers in the handling of its operation system and web browser integration. The whole problem arose when microsoft products were tied to tie additional products to Microsoft, which means that word could only be used on Microsoft etc.

In conversation Lawrence Lessig who briefly served as a special master in the Microsoft case  and Alan who was part of the team pointed out important things that can help future governments act accordingly in the face of tech booms. They stressed that it is very important to vigorously police anti-competitive behavior even if it brings the company to the verge of a break down. The entire case is important in current times where we talk about the powers of Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc. The current tech giants. The Microsoft case was also very important for creating the silicon-valley boom.

The whole case despite being important was cited as a waste of time by some professionals because the judges’ decision to separate the company into two parts was first overturned then reversed on appeal. Which essentially means that there was no huge impact and there was no good precedent set. It shows that the possibility might not be too grim for the big tech giants and sites like Facebook. People have also started to think that companies like Facebook have gained massive economic power and great control over the public sphere.

Analysts say that the Microsoft case was important for the competitors as it made Microsoft change its approach to competitors and become much less ruthless and gun shy. The entire case was extraordinarily important in creating an environment where people were free to innovate without the fear of being destroyed by Microsoft.  All this criticism is valid because it helps governments be more alert to the rising power and influence of these companies and helps them plan their movements accordingly.

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