Microsoft is reinforcing its efforts to take on Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming with an addition to its Mixer streaming platform: it’s now released iOS and Android apps to allow players broadcast gameplay directly from their phones.


Mixer Create is compatible with any Android game, but iPhone users will find that only specific titles – those that support ReplayKit – can be streamed. Similarly, you can simply broadcast a camera-only stream, if you just want to vlog.


There’s an interesting feature called Co-Streaming as well, which lets you team up with three friends in a single stream, even if they’re on PC or Xbox One.


That should give Microsoft a fighting chance at taking on its more grounded opponents in the game streaming arena – but it’s going to be a rigid battle to draw loyal armies of broadcasters and their audiences away from platforms they’re already tuned into.


Give Mixer Create a go by grabbing the free app from Google Play or the App Store.

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