If you are excited to put aside $1000 or more for Apple’s most advanced iPhone X, you’ll probably want to be alert and attentive at the company’s preorder page beginning October 27th. As the tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo explained in a note with KGI Securities, reported today by MacRumors, Apple’s most expensive phone will probably generate more demand than Apple’s supply chain can withstand, at least in the beginning. That means long shipping wait times are a high possibility for any number of the device’s limited configurations when preorders do go live next month.

“We believe the fullscreen design and facial recognition features will drive replacement demand for the iPhone X,” Kuo explains. But “due to supply constraints,” he adds, it’s doubtful that demand will match supply until the next year. Kuo says he believes Apple will ship around 40 million iPhone X units before the end of the fiscal year, and as many as 90 million in 2018.

The note also describes that Apple’s step to make the iPhone X preorder and ship date to the end of October and early November respectively is likely to prevent the Phone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sales volume from declining.

It makes sense then that Apple would rather have only the dedicated X buyers be the ones staying out until October, assuring that demand wouldn’t overwhelmingly exceed supply for that device while urging more of the on-the-fence buyers toward the models available right now. Regardless, Kuo says that it’s possible that the iPhone X will suffer from “severe short supply for a while,” and there’s little the company can do that about that until it turns into a more strong supply chain for the X.


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