We have already come across 3D printers on the market, but ever heard of a portable 3D printer? Yes, they are a real thing now.

Introducing Migo, the ideal printer! Migo is the smallest portable 3D printer. It is internet-enabled, providing you with a complete range of professional features.

This tiny device is literally a portable printer: easy and convenient to carry, and no printer can go head-to-head with its volume to size ratio.

Furthermore, the tiny printer comes with TYPE-C, generally only used in high accuracy desktop 3D printers. It incorporated the extruder head’s power cord, signal cable, and other components into a single TYPE-C. This allows you to plug-in and instantly print.

Migo is definitely more than just a printer, and it’s pro features will definitely make you feel like a futuristic.

To have a closer look at its features, visit Kickstarter.


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