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If you are someone who wants to keep a check on time, but still find this task itself very time taking, then HELLO, we are friends!

Ilya Tarassov has invented a time tracking device so simple and fun that you might actually use. TimeFlip is a super easy-to-use gadget that lets you easily track how much time you spend on different activities just by flipping it around.

Source: Google Images

It comes with a bunch of stick-on icons which represent common activities and websites; reading, eating, shopping, gaming… Or even procrastinating. There are blank spaces as well, where you can print or write about those personal activities that aren’t mentioned.

This dodecahedron comes with a tiny accelerometer inside which tells the way it’s sitting. All you have to do is to flip it around so the side corresponding to what you’re doing is up; the chip inside sends a signal over Bluetooth to an app on your phone. To back-up your activities online, signup for an account – you can then log in to pursue it from the comfort of your laptop.


The time-accountability-savior is expected to be out on Amazon in this week, so gear up for some basic tracking as you may have spent too much time in procrastinating since morning!

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