Since the beginning of the year, prolonged diseases have been pretty common, the situation is getting alarming with every passing month of 2018.

Nowadays, Pakistan is facing influenza in its worst form. The disease has affected hundreds of people causing a number of deaths and prolonged sickness in the recovering patients.

Another such fatal fever found its way to Nigeria. Just like Influenza, Lassa fever isn’t an unusual disease but the current situation in Nigeria has caused a major outbreak.

This disease has caused alarming situation because of its potential of being life-threatening.

What are the symptoms of Lassa fever?

Like common fevers, Lassa fever either shows complete symptoms of being present or doesn’t show them at all. Patients who get affected by Lassa show mild symptoms like, fever, headache or general weakness.

But as soon as it hits your immune system, its targeted options and side-effects aren’t really good.

The potentially fatal disease is a so-called “viral hemorrhagic fever”, which can affect many organs, and damage the body’s blood vessels.

More than 1,000 suspected cases of Lassa have been reported across Nigeria since January, according to the country’s Centre for Disease Control.

History of Lassa fever:

The disease was first observed in the Nigerian town of Lassa in 1969. The disease caused a severe outbreak in a mission hospital.

From then it found its way to other West African countries including Ghana, Mali and Sierra Leone.

If we talk about its effect in today’s world, then approximately 90 people have died so far. And the worst part is, the situation is getting worse day by day.

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