Motorola’s new Stream wireless earbuds are now available to buy at quite a cheap price of just £79.99 ($105). At the moment they’re only available exclusively from Argos in the UK, which is due to the store’s catalog release dates. But, those in the US will be able to buy them within a month’s time, Motorola says.

This is the first time the buds have been announced anywhere. The earbuds are actually made by a company called Binatone, which Motorola licenses its name to. Because they’re so small, their battery doesn’t last long, but the Stream does come with a charging case that provides an additional two charges, meaning the earbuds have a playtime of around six hours. (A single charge gives you two hours of play.)




The Motorola Stream is compatible with both Apple’s Siri and Google Now, and users can make and receive hands-free calls via a dual mic. The earbuds are also water and dust resistant. Don’t expect the sound quality to be great though — actual wireless earbuds never sound amazing, the price is pretty reasonable for what it is, and they’re being targeted towards the daily commuters.

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