Rumors have been spreading around about a 4k Apple TV for a long time now, but maybe those rumors are a tad more literal than expected. A ‘leak’ on Chinese social network Weibo purports to show an actual Apple television unit, not just a set top box. I say the leak in quotes because there’s nothing to suggest it’s a real product so far.

Those who’ve been following along know that Apple has been rumored to be working on a TV panel for many years, but the company apparently canceled those plans back in 2014. The Weibo leak suggests the company hasn’t abandoned the idea completely, but it should be taken with a tiny grain of salt.



The images were very much of the Mr. Blurrycam variety and tell us very little about the unit other than it happens to be around 60 inches, has a metal frame, and uses OLED technology. For all we know, they are fake or staged, though it seems like a lot of not-so-required effort. I’m at least digging the futuristic lab setup.


Image result for Blurry Apple ‘leak’ shows 60-inch OLED TV could be on the way


Even if they are legitimate, Apple often prototypes devices that never become real products, so don’t get your hopes up. If there’s any truth to the leak, we’ll find out in due time.

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