If your newsfeed looks somewhat similar to ours then you surely have seen the promotions of Muslim Women’s Day. Muslim girls took over instagram app, facebook and twitter and talked about this day.

Story Behind Muslim Women’s Day:

Amani Al-Khatahbeh, the founder of MuslimGirl.com created the Muslim Girl Day. She was brought up in New Jersey in the wake of 9/11 where she had to hide her identity in order to avoid judgemental eyes.

At the age of 13, she was relocated to Jordan, with her family, to avoid the rising violence against Muslim communities in the United States.

Living in Jordan, transformed her entire being. She started to love her religion and slowly began to reclaim her identity but she had to return to New Jersey after her mother fell terribly ill. By this time, she had started doing hijab. She was distorted by the misinterpretation of  Middle East and particularly the Muslim Women.

At the age of 17, she started her own blog to combat Islamophobia by carving out a space for Muslim women to take back their narrative.

On March 27, 2017, Al-Khatabeh launched the first Muslim Women’s day which was celebrated this year, again.

The theme associated with this day is “Muslim Women Talk Back To Violence”.

Al-Khatahbeh who is now 25,  talked to CNN about the idea behind this day and how the narrative around the Muslim women is changing.

Muslim Women’s Day Taking Over France:

Last year, the US-born Jordanian was forced to remove her hijab by a staff member at Nice Airport, France and this year, she made sure that Muslim Women’s day is also celebrated in France with great pomp and show.

The members of Lallab, a France based blog run by Muslim feminists, thank Al-Khatahbeh for making them a part of this day.

Here are a few pictures from different parts of the world where Muslim ladies celebrated Muslim Women’s day:

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