Historic Empress Market

The historic Empress Market, the surroundings of it are now silent and noiseless.

Empress market has now lost its actual charm and beauty. Because the things which made them beautiful are now absent, gone.

The Lunda Bazaar of second-hand clothes and shoes is gone. The fruit and vegetable vendors are nowhere to be found just like the dried fruit, dates, and tea sellers. The pet shops and kite shops have also been bulldozed.

Jahangir Park which wasn’t visible is now clearly in sight from the M.A Jinnah Road.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s anti-encroachment drive is vacating everyone who has stepped over the line.

The shops along Saddar, Regal Chowk, Plaza Market, and many others are all gone. Tore away and vacated. The signboards, doors, and lights stepping out of the boundaries are now missing as well.

The empty, vacant streets appear dejected and downcast.

The shop-keepers have gone through a devastating loss. Both mentally, and physically. Their goods are now misplaced or too damaged to be used. It is stated by them that they were not acknowledged about this beforehand. If they were given the knowledge, they would have had time to save themselves from this humongous economical loss.

Altaf Ali, who owns a little electronics shops states that:

“I have been working here for over 25 years now. I always eyed that corner shop with envy as he had such a big footpath before him on both sides to sprawl. If I had that shop maybe I too would have spread out on the footpath.”

He was asked if he knew that he was encroaching back then, he stated that, “Yes, I know it would have been wrong. But I also knew it was Pakistan after all where I could take liberties without being questioned about it.”



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