Credits: NASA


In a NASA announcement today, the American aviation and space tech company has decided to, rather generously, contribute a whopping $96 towards 128 projects which are working towards various research matters. This is being done under the umbrella of the Small Business Innovation Research Program. From the wide variety of projects underway Neuromorphic computing, camera systems and ideas for the invention of new wheels are worthy of mention.


Neuromorphic processors can prove to be immensely useful in processing rapid continuous influx of data from various sensors. The very common issue of crashing of data with space objects could be resolved effectively through the process of putting together signals from cameras, avionics systems and old sensors. The prospect of exploration can be enhanced due to the much needed functions of speedy processing along with minimum amounts of energy usage. For the tech industry, NASA’s involvement is the best business technology news they could have gotten!


One of the notable business houses which has been considered worthy of funding is Mentium Technologies, Inc (California) which could very well give Intel a run for its money! Mentium is working towards creating such hardware accelerators which are considered to be head to head with Intel’s Neuromorphic chip Loihi, in terms of technological greatness. The concept of these microprocessors is to be up to a thousand times faster and more efficient than currently available ones in the market.

Credits: Center for Climate Protection

The selected companies are currently in the second phase of NASA’s program, as reveled to us in their press release. They have a remaining time period of 2 years to bring their technological ideas together and finalize them whilst utilizing their funds, which may have been much as $750,000 throughout the course of their given development time.


Small businesses have contributed to 55% of all jobs since the 1970’s in the USA, cited by NASA. The development and practical availability of new and useful technological innovations can be done better through funding programs than they would be through businesses’ own internalized efforts.

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