Voice control has been the new hype of the scientific communities for a long time now. Yet it has not been fully developed. Of course, we have devices like Amazon’s Echo in the market to hear people from all directions. But there are some setbacks as they are considered to be user-friendly. It is not only space consuming, with all those extra collections of microphones but it also requires extra processing Power and Specific industrial design.

In this situation of hope to develop something more convenient, a brand new company name Soundskrit has stepped up to develop a mic that rejects the multi-devices system we usually have. They intend to create a mic which can clearly hear and separate sound from multiple sources and directions and direct it into one. The procedure includes the device detecting different voices from the surrounding, providing one single and strong independent recording and provide the track of it to the listener.

The inspiration is purely natural yet a genius one. As they say, nature is the best teacher, Soundskrit is inspired by insect ears to develop such Directional Microphones.

This can make a huge difference in a number of situations such as public addressing, conference meetings home recording, video recordings and many more!

Who knows we will soon be enjoying this genius technology in our homes?


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