Meetings are the most crucial yet the most dreaded parts of the work and student life. Which requires taking out time than discussing things which might become fruitful or just might be another wastage of time.

Meetings are an overwhelming, and often dreaded, part of many jobs.

Navigator is here to solve all the problems, if the plan goes sucessful the future meeting might just not suck as much as they did before. Gentry Underwood the one who sold his app ‘Mailbox’ $100 million to dropbox has plans to bring Navigator.

On Tuesday, he wrote a blog post about Navigator, a teamwork assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It’s supposed to help people work together and handle menial tasks like putting together agendas, suggesting questions to ask in a meeting, or gathering feedback. It was created by the same team behind Mailbox.

Gentry wrote that in the past few years, his team had been working with over 50 teams and experimenting with various ways to make workplace collaboration more effective. Currently, Navigator is free while it’s in beta. It will roll out a paid version later this year.

With Navigator, the team plans to create an assistant that can facilitate team and 1-on-1 meetings by reaching out to attendees, gathering discussion topics, organizing an agenda, taking notes, and following up with attendees after the meeting.

Although Navigator is currently focusing on team and 1-on-1 meetings, it plans to eventually support other types of meetings and to incorporate advanced capabilities for making decisions, gathering feedback, and solving problems.

“It might feel far-fetched to imagine working alongside a ‘robot’, but in many ways, it makes the perfect teammate,” Gentry wrote. “It’s always available. It can have multiple conversations simultaneously. And it’s proficient at running repeatable processes in consistent, reliable ways.

This just might be our answer to catch some sleep in those boring meetings

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