Rainy days won’t be stopping any sooner for Facebook, as the company faced lost of $60 Billion value due to the latest Facebook scandal.

From last few days we’ve been hearing about ‘the Facebook scandal ’, ‘Data Breach Scandal’, and ‘#DeleteFacebook’, but if you’re thinking what are these talks all about and why internet is forcing me to delete the Facebook app, then here’s a little knowledge about the hottest news.

Preview of ‘Facebook scandal’: 50 million Facebook mobile users’ data was accessed illegally
Yes, 50 million users’ personal data was accessed to the third-party, their privacy was violated and most importantly not even a single ‘notification’ was popped up for them from Facebook, like:

A voter profiling company had access to your Facebook account data and forty-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine others.
-16 minutes ago.

Nope, this didn’t happen, instead, the process was carried out without the users’ concern.
Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling company, which worked for President Trump’s election campaign, was given access to users’ accounts.

The presidential campaign for Trump was carried out in 2016 but leading news outlets in America believe that all of this was done in 2014. When mid-term elections were going on and the company was given $15 million by a Republican donor.

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If you’re thinking how much money did the company paid Facebook for carrying out this illegal process, then here’s your answer:

As soon as this news broke out, many questions like these started emerging in The United States. Therefore, The Guardian, renowned English newspaper, retrieved former employees of Facebook to ask them the above question.
According to them, ‘over 50 million Facebook profiles were affected, and $1 million was spent to do so.’

What were the motives behind this ‘Facebook scandal’:

Well, this query was again solved by ex-employee of  Cambridge Analytica, the voters profiling company involved in Facebook data breach scandal.

According to a former data scientist of Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie,

“We exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles. And built models to exploit what we knew about them and target their inner demons. That was the basis that the entire company was built on.”

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