You need rest, so does your phone!

Man laying on bed at late night in a dark room checking his smartphone. Internet addiction.

Checking your phone unnecessarily is one of the reasons you’re in great distress. Technology has so far eased our problems but we can’t overlook the fact that it has created many of its own problems as well. A study from the University of British Columbia revealed that people who check their emails thrice times a day versus the ones who check it intermittently are living a stress-free life.

So do you want to get stress free?
We have a better solution for you.

When you sleep, put your phone to sleep too.

Most people respond to their notifications and messages while they’re off to bed – between 12 am to 4 am. Which is not so good and can affect your health badly. Checking your phone in the middle of the night can cause huge disruptions to your circadian rhythm, the blue light of the phone can impair your melatonin production and forces your brain to stay awake.

In order to put your phone to sleep, you need to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Turn off your phone an hour before you’re off to bed
  • Turn off your GPS or Wifi
  • Put your phone at arm’s reach instead of putting it under your pillow
  • Just check alarm clock and nothing else

When you wake up, let your baby (Phone) sleep a bit more

When you wake up in the morning, DO NOT check your phone instantly! This is because when you wake up, you’re fresh, calm and your mind is at peace. But when we check our phones first thing in the morning, we literally start our day with other people’s questions, thoughts, and news which most of the time ruins our good mood.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t check your phone for at least an hour when you wake up in the morning
  • Give yourself time to be organized and enjoy the fresh and positive morning
  • Make a proper schedule to check your phone and stick to it

Don’t check your notification as soon as it pops up

We’re so connected to the world that whenever a notification buzzes in, you can’t help but check it instantly. That’s because your mind gives you dopamine hit (a happy hormone) every time a notification comes. Another study in the UK known as “Future Work Centre Study” surveyed 2000 employees and revealed that email notification leads to higher anxiety.

Pro tips:

  • Follow your schedule for checking emails and notifications
  • Turn off notification alerts
  • Don’t respond to emails and notifications instantly

Give yourself some time of your own. Please?

Let your phone go and spend time with your friends and family and meditate some times? No? Letting your phone go is the best way to have a productive day which can be very enlightening for you. And trust us, it works!

Pro tips:

  • Leave your phone at home once or twice a week and feel the difference
  • And obviously do let your parents, friends and loved ones know which day you are out without your phone so they don’t get be worried

Follow the steps and witness the change yourself!


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