china featuring satellite for free Wifi around world

Are you looking for free Wifi around world? Now, Wifi is a basic necessity not luxury in this era. Life is being unpredictable for most part of the world especially for Pakistan without internet connectivity. Although, some countries are suffering some governmental restrictions due to their strict safety policies. Like Cuba, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia but it’s not the case as whole for other countries.

Well! That’s great news for us that one of China’s leading company LinkSure specializing in free internet.  Its purpose is to provide safe and free worldwide access with the help of 272 satellites till 2026.

The Chinese enterprise is planning to project 10 satellite in its first phase to validate their current technology expansion. It is aiming to surpass the places like mountains, deserts, oceans, rural and urban areas where internet infrastructure not installed. According to their media, it is hereby said that LinkSure No.1 is being launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in 2019.  The center is situated in Northwest China’s Gansu province. Ten further satellites will be sent in 2020.

Other companies in the race:

It needs to be consider here that not only China having the first company to plan this initiative. Other companies like Telesat, OneWeb, SpaceX and Google also planning to provide free seamless internet access. What I think, it might be possible that any company which I early mentioned, might achieve this milestone before the time decided. Because now they are solely in competition for early market venture dive. Even, enlisted companies haven’t declared their time frame other than LinkSure.

 What I wonder for free Wifi around world?

I wonder what gives the soothing vibe is “the better internet signals around you”. Usage and access of the internet is so ingrain in our lives. Currently, I’m living in a remote area where telecom industries almost fail to provide better 3G connection on our phones. After contacting and escalating poor internet access issues so many time I concluded probably they never bother to fix it. Meanwhile, they are getting maximum revenue through this capital.  And people suffer more frustration after contacting and registering their complaints about poor internet access.  And eventually no one is going to respond for many days.

Things to rethink again?

Most of all the Wifi signals you receive in your area are almost locked just liked your neighbor’s next door. But if you are in a public space, shopping mall or you have MacDonald’s, grocery store nearby then you can pick their signals.  But what if you are in remote area or travelling through forest and mountains?

WiFi accessibility

I would know how to get along with it:

Why I’m considering it to be beneficial for Pakistan?  Because, this project is going to change our quality of life and we can see the world more closer and we could connect free Wifi 24 hours a day. I am sure that Chinese government would protect the user as per policies for browsing safely. We have to wait for next six to seven years only to witness major breakthrough and to overcome global nexus.

Is Telecom sector being turtle?

However, Pakistani telecom sector experts has been fully aware of this major climate shift. This is the reason that telecom companies are playing wild cards and providing much cheaper internet packages to beat the sudden shift of overwhelming market.  And, they are offering cheaper and expanding internet services as compare to the last couple of years to never lose their users but still couldn’t provide better free Wifi.

The purpose of this blog is to let you notify that we have faced so much trouble but it will end soon. Our next generation will see a major breakthrough. Really, I want a free internet connection because everyone hate to pay.

Thanks for reading!

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