Launched back in 2015, Nest I/O is a tech incubator which has launched hundreds of startups in their 6 incubation cycles. The company is incorporated with tech giant organization such as Google for entrepreneurs and Samsung, along with the support of US state department.

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Recently the organization has celebrated their third anniversary, inviting all their current and graduated startups to come over and reunite for a delightful evening. The members shared their success stories, memories and future plans for their individual ventures at the event making the most of the alumni network.

Considering the positive vibe of the event and the remarkable success ratio of the I/O network, one can definitely expect some great achievements in the IT industry in the coming years as well. The organization not only facilitate with the digital resources and knowledge to the member and incubates but also provide mentorship to excel in the field, developing the roots of new ideas and fresh initiatives.

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