This could be the most brutal battle of the 21st century, the battle of streaming between the two of the most powerful and annoyingly persuasive binge-watching streaming services. Having a night into a date, these two have been with us. But who will win this battle of high streaming resolution to a good interface? May the odds be in their favor!

Netflix is a worldwide known streaming service that has the most recent movies and series to watch. It’s a forum that is drastically well known in teens and young adults. What a better way to spend your Friday night! According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, sleep is his biggest competitor. Every couch potato knows what he is talking about when we promised ourselves only one episode per day and ended up watching the whole series in one night. Yes, we also remember takings those classes the very next day, thank you Netflix!

Still, Netflix designed its packages and streaming according to its audience. Netflix package starts with $9, $13 and $16, concerning it, the resolution works from 480p to 1080p and 4k or HD versions. However, Netflix includes no ad in any of these packages. Though even in premium we all have to endure the preview of our shows. Netflix I have been watching this show for four hours. I have probably learned by now, still have to endure it.

In contrast to Netflix, Amazon prime is in this battle too. For $119 annually that means $12.99 per month, Amazon provides a much larger portfolio of movies than Netflix. And the first 30 days subscription is free with the option to cancel if you don’t like it. However, Amazon’s prime most watched movies are Iron Man 2, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. But still, in terms of collection, you can have your pick. Amazon prime has its blind followers due to their relationship with Amazon, that’s a win-win situation.

Amazon prime resolution is 4K and the best thing is that this streaming service doesn’t charge more for more screens and all will get 4K resolutions. How cool!

On the other hand, Netflix charge for each screen and concerning your internet quality resolution is set. Netflix provides good screening, until and unless you want to lower it to save some data, seriously.

So far, Netflix is winning the battle. Netflix’s brand persona that is binge-watching TV and Amazon prime has cultivated more of a national TV kind of vibe.

In terms of content, Netflix’s recent release had a big turnover, Stranger things, House of cards, and The Umbrella has been a huge success. But, the loss of some significant movies form Disney and Marvel’s movies and shows are no longer Netflix’s part. That can be a huge loss for Netflix. So, Amazon Prime still has a chance to win the battle.

Let’s talk about the user interface of these two. Amazon has a brandish kind of interface, where the list of many movies distracts its users. Also, Amazon’s most movies are not even rated which means that they are either small or too old for rating. But keeping an overview with Amazon prime subscription it comes with two-day free shipping on Amazon products, kind of an offer that you can’t refuse.

Moreover, Netflix has an exciting and easy to use interface. But if you want more than two screens you have additional charges for it. But that annoying red button that often slips from the hand which previews the show is infused in every subscription available.

Netflix which will now be left with even fewer movies and series because of Disney’s streaming. But still, it harbored more views because of its variety in different genres. Bad teacher movies to Breaking bad seasons, the variety of content is what’s keeping Netflix in the race. That said, just like the variety of content that CV Writers provide. For every topic, they have proficient writers to complete the task. Try out sometime, you won’t regret it.

Amazon prime created a personalized TV for its audience. As they provide watching live shows, you can also demand these shows after their release date if that’s what your mood is set for. It acts as the cable networks such as HBO, but better versions of the ad-free zone, other than their original shows promo.

Amazon’s plan of action is rather an old school; it should opt for streaming and personalized zone rather than the TV programs for all. That’s one reason why Netflix has an upper hand on the subscriptions. Netflix used its branded identity as very happening which automatically grooved the young generation towards it. With a bold red color to much different original content, Netflix created its market.

In terms of quality and quantity, Amazon prime is a snack for its coach potato –ers. It might have left many dents in our coaches and bed but who cares when you got this whole different movie to watch.

So, that means in terms of good and user-friendly interface this battle is won by Netflix. Maybe for this reason or any other, they have the most subscribers than any other streaming services. But hey, if you are loyal to Amazon prime and enjoying its major perks for the subscriptions then who am I to judge you.





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