TVs are now becoming the second screen where the primary first screen is the mobile phone in the consumer’s hand. This phenomenon was proved when Networks aired their season finales just last month.

Among the live ratings, all networks witnessed an average of 30% – 40% fall in viewership from last year as more people turned to their mobile devices in search of entertainment.

Only 6 out of 61 returning network shows saw an uptick in viewship of their finales compared to last year according to Nielsen numbers. Every where else it was a catastrophe.

The highest fall belonged to “NCIS”- which lost 43.6% of its audience compared to last year. Followed by “Quantico” which was ABC’s biggest loser, losing some 43.3% versus last year. At CBS, “Big Bang Theory” faced a fall of 19.2%, it wasn’t the network’s biggest loser though.

In a report out June 2, Barclays media analyst Kannan Venkateshwar noted that the average person watched 2.5 hours on a smartphone in the fourth quarter — up from 1.3 hours a year earlier. That compared with 4.9 hours on TV.

For viewers in the demo, the smartphone was more popular than TV, something it was even  referred to as a “considerable shift” in consumption patterns.

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