The new $5 billion Apple Park in Cupertino will be completed in about a month


The $5 billion Apple’s new park aka “spaceship” headquarters in Cupertino will be completed in a month.

Journalists and analysts attended the Apple’s iPhone event at the company’s new Steve Jobs Theater, but couldn’t get to explore the whole place.

But now you can have a look of the new $5 billion headquarters in a video from videographer Matthew Robberts.

The Apple Spaceship Headquarters can accommodate 13,000 employees

The Headquarters have hidden basket ball courts and miles of trails for biking and running

The solar panels shield the rooftops. In fact, they can generate 17 MW of power which records 75% of daytime consumption

Employees with badge are allowed to enter the headquarters but outsiders can only visit the Visitor’s center which will be open in a few months

Watch the video below by Matthew Robberts,



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