Vehicle of the future

Ever thought of travelling by air? And travelling in an electric air taxi ? Yes, you heard it right! The new addition to the future technology is the electrical air taxi, Lilium. It might seem a science fiction, but it is almost near to the reality as it is successful in its first test flight lately.

Lilium is the very first electric vertical take-off and landing jet which holds upto 5 people. It is egg-shaped and can takeoff even from your garden. It is Eco-friendly as it doesn’t have any of the toxic or harmful emissions.

Safety comes first while travelling regardless of any means. Engineers have manufactured it with 36 engines. Each engine shielded individually, so failure of one doesn’t affect others. Read more on

“Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team”, Co-founder and Chief Executive, Daniel Wiegand says in a release.

“We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point.”

The team has crossed miles since 2013, from initiating the actual idea behind it to actually putting the idea into execution by testing 1:2 scaled prototype to flight and then the testing of full scaled flight which became successful.

The team plans to complete the project till 2025, and it will be the Uber of air travels. They are planning to  take off just with one click. It will be the very first on-demand air ride and you can easily book your air ride in the upcoming years.



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