Coming up next in the line for Windows 10 expected updates, is the new Bluetooth feature. For the next major update of the coming month, Windows testers have started working on it. Testers are now trying the new Bluetooth feature that is more convenient and quick. The update is to be announced for the Window 10 build 17093, launched earlier this week. The follow-up advancements include the streamlined pairing of surface precision, such as the mouse. In simpler words, A quick connection and pairing of Windows 10 will be notified for the users.

The setup is better and more improvised than having to go down the setting bars for acquiring a Bluetooth connection for devices. Microsoft is motivated to make it supportive of other devices as well rather than just for the surface ones. For the purpose Logitech, as a pivotal partner is working with Microsoft to ensure the results.

However, it already supports the Android and iOS well, but according to the Microsoft  “only certain enabled peripherals can trigger this experience”. A member of the core Bluetooth team from Microsoft says,“We are however looking to standardize this in the long term”.  Expected to arrive in April or March, the next big update for Window 10 will grant the public the access of this convenience and till then we can only dream for the best.

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