Whereas there’s a heated debate is going on; whether electric cars are ‘planet-friendly’ or not, the electric market in India has made its mind clear.

2018 is all about aiming for the plans that have been part of the daily debate from last five years, electric cars are one of such topic that is the talk of the town.

Some consider it as the only option left that might save Earth from pollution, while others think of it as a ‘not a planet saviour’ idea.

India’s flagship auto show held on 7th February 2018, displayed an ambitious plan of fighting and eradicating polluting clunkers.

The current government plans on making Inia pollution-free by introducing these electric cars on the roads, they aim to make all new cars electric on the roads of India by 2030.

The idea has its own loops, according to the common people:

Whereas government is determined to fulfil this idea in few years, some auto giants, as well as common people, believe that little of India is equipped to charge electric cars and most of the drivers in India won’t be able to afford the heavy prices.

The other side of the picture showed some potential and highly-determined auto-giants at the motor show in New Delhi, that were willing to stand with the government’s high-tech idea.

“We are a strong believer in electric, and with a leap of faith, we started investing even before the government announcement,” said Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric, currently the only company producing electric vehicles in India.

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