New Era: Robots or Humans?

Robots or Human? Who will Win the Race?


In ancient era, manual operations created greater chances of job opportunities. However, with changes in the trends and inventions, technology took a 360-degree turn. Machines development increased channels for the markets to meet the demands of the population through technological advancements. Therefore, a question arise, whether robots or human would rule in future?


According to content writing services Pakistan, currently, robots significantly contribute in industries. Ranging from the medical field to the factories and industries, robotics took over many humans in different industries. Robotics with advance system and software are providing effective productivity within short time. Therefore, future of human in industries looks shady.

Among numerous examples, cyber knife brought a revolutionary change in the field of medicine by treating any tumour without any requirement of anaesthesia. It works at low radiation dose due to the flexible design of the robotic arm. Specialised arms perform critical, delicate and precision-based action. This pinpoint precision led to narrowing down of the range of specialist in this field and replaced them with robots, who are the future of this world.

The human brains together have covered each aspect of life very precisely and designed technologies such as robotic arms and feet, which feel and sense the same as the original parts of the body. However, they are still at a stake of lowering down job opportunities and have increased the level of competition among the human race.

Predicted Future

To remain in the trends followed in the market, people need to continuously engage themselves in learning to remain updated. Not only it creates an environment of competition, the outliers have also used this technology for their frauds and forgery.

Nevertheless, it is predicted that advancement in robotics will provide many benefits in industries. For example, in past no one was able to see their long-distance loved ones can now connect anytime through the development of Smartphones. However, efforts are still required for the vigilance of these instruments in order to avoid misuse that can be a danger to humanity.

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