The new ipad update will revolutionize the way we use tablets


The Apple Ipad though practically useless in terms of when you want to replace your laptop because some things you are only able to do more conveniently on a laptop. However the apple ipad has slowly become a viable tool in the coming years.

There is speculation that there is a new software update that apple will launch within this year and that update will have a couple of major changes that will separate its ipad software from its iphone operating system. This is an intelligent thing to do because as phone screens become larger and phone memories are able to hold more and more things people are reducing their tablet usage because tablets are simply not needed anymore if they don’t update.

Apple, Samsung and other tablet manufacturers claim that tablet owners have been positioning their tablets as productivity oriented devices that also offer their users better portability and easy usage because of their small size. Apple hasn’t officially announced when its going to launch the update but they have promised that there will be improved multitasking and copy and paste features. The tablet will finally be compatible with thumb drives which means you can transfer your data easily. Another new feature will be that you can easily view the progress of files downloaded in the safari app and the safari app will easily show you the desktop version of websites instead of the phone version of websites. There will be a scroll option and new copy and paste gestures which will help you pinch text and literally pick it up and drop it somewhere else instead of the conventional copy paste.

The Apple pencil is also becoming a more useful tool and will have new functions which means that it won’t now only be used for sketching and drawing. Potrait Mode selfies will also become a reality and each photo can have different forms of portrait modes assigned to it. There will be 8 new exclusive wallpapers available to the apple community.

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