New York: People are using Uber more than Taxis


Uber has now finally made its way to New York.

It is recorded that people are using Uber than the yellow Taxi cabs.

In July, on average Uber completed 289,000 rides while New York taxis completed 277,000 trips.

Uber is introducing thousands of Black cars to areas such as Queens and the Bronx where finding a Taxi is much harder.

The total number of New York taxi trips fell 11% to 123.7 million in 2016, and industry revenue dropped 9% to $1.8 billion. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley estimated that the share of ride-hailing trips accounted for by traditional taxis fell from 84% in April 2015 to 65% in April of last year, as app-based competitors, including Uber, Lyft, and Via, gained market share, reported by Business Insider.

Although, Uber is trying to settle in but the New York Taxis aren’t more likely to leave their place anytime soon.

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