Apple’s devices are always about margins, but over a period of past couple of years, Apple has been introducing on lower-cost iDevices with a clear target on a wider audience.

Well, this year’s 9.7-inch pad may have secretly got Apple’s tablets back in action.

With a price point starting at $329, the non-Pro, non-convertible pad was on the top of Cyber Monday’s online deals. Technically inspired by 2014’s Air 2 model, an affordable 9.7-inch follow-up is reportedly under works for the launch next year.

As per  “sources from related upstream suppliers”,  anonymously quoted by the hit-and-miss Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, the affordable iPad could lie under the price tag of around $259 and may be launched sometime in the second half of 2018.

Well, that would be sometime in between April and June. While it’s still uncertain what actually is the reason behind Apple keeping price levels relatively low, it will be interesting to see what would happen to the existing iPad. Will it be discontinued? What about upgraded iPad Pros, are they also coming in 2018?


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