Imagine using only your thoughts to function your car; a thought of unlocking your car arises and it unlocks. Want to set the air conditioning or wants the car to play your favourite music, before even stepping on it? Just think!

The CES is the world’s largest nerd and tech convention and has slowly become a must-attend event for car-makers, which are finding increased competition from Silicon Valley. And Nissan continued being up-to the mark by presenting ‘mind-operating car’ in CES 2018. The system examines and analyses human brainwaves – aka electric impulses – then turns them into vehicle actions in the real world.


You might be considering it a sci-fi movie but to your surprise, this highly tech-based automotive works in a well-planned manner. Nissan claims that the dubbed B2V (Brain-to-vehicle) will work as a USB port that will transfer your thoughts into commands for the vehicle, swiftly.

Drive-less cars maybe the current topic for motorists but with this innovation, your car ride now an ease turn. Nissan aims to use a driving simulator to demonstrate B2V so that consumer will get a chance to see for themselves whether the system works as claimed. Plus, Nissan is looking forward to bring this car on roads in coming 5 to 10 years and we are super-excited for it!



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