Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has signed an agreement with Ghandhara Nissan Ltd. from the automotive industry to produce new Datsun models.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd made this announcement on Wednesday and said that they will be entering Pakistan’s automotive industry to manufacture and sell cars starting next year.

As more and more companies have started to invest in the growing automotive industry of Pakistan, Nissan did not hesitate to do so too. With more and more people wanting to own vehicles nowadays and the demand of vehicles growing to more than 200,000 units per year, this industry in Pakistan is on its peak and is all set to grow further.


Nissan has partnered with Ghandhara Nissan Ltd that will invest up to 4.5 billion rupees to keep their facilities up to date so that they can manufacture better cars with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The agreement was signed between all the prominent members of both the companies like the President and the CEO of Ghandhara Nissan Ltd, Senior director, Regional Chairman and the Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Corporation.

“This entrance to the Pakistan automotive market represents a significant step in the ongoing development of local manufacturing infrastructure and economic activity,” said the senior vice president of Nissan, Peyman Kargar “We are confident that, with the close collaboration and support of the Pakistani government, this will deliver sustainable benefits for the national economy, customers, partners and Nissan.”

It has been agreed by both the automotive companies that they will be working together to develop the facilities of Ghandhara into a globally recognized manufacturing plant at Port Qasim, Karachi.

Guess what, Nissan isn’t the only company wanting to invest in the automotive industry of Pakistan. Other well-known companies like Hyundai, Renault and Kia are also set to release their cars this year in Pakistan. Also, the Kia Sportage Launch in Pakistan is the latest update of the automotive industry at the moment.

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